Ashes To Go

(02/22/12) Ashes to Go Episcopal Church priests bring Ash Wednesday out of the churches and into the streets.

Ash Wednesday Mass

Valley Catholic School marked Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent, with an all-school Mass led by the Rev. Rick Sirianni.

Why Is It Called Ash Wednesday?

Ash wednesday meaning can you eat meat on ash what are and lent? Does the bible tell us to bbc religions christianity lent. Priests administer ashes during mass and all are invited to accept...

Quick-stop ashes

A gathering of ecumenical clergy in Wauwatosa participated in Ashes To Go, an effort to offer ashes to the faithful who were not able to attend Ash Wednesday services.Video by Kristyna Wentz-Graff.

Ashes to Go

Are you a busy student at NIU on the go this Ash Wednesday? You just might be in luck! NTC Reporter Keisha Howerth explains.


Our busy world today is all about saving time. We've got food to go, laundry service to go, even Cars-2-Go... but have you every heard of Ashes-to-Go? The priests at St. David's are taking...