📚 10 Ways To Fill A Journal Page 📖. What are your favorite ways to fill a journal page when you don't feel like writing?  /// OPEN ME FOR PROMPTS.
1) Make a list of favorite quotes or song lyrics. 
2) Fill a page with leaves, pressed flowers, photos, or sketches of nature. 
3) Add in receipts, pieces of school assignments, work pay stubs/schedules, etc. 
4) Add in photos of: you, your room/house, your city, friends or family. 
5) An about me page- name, address, occupation, hobbies, favorites.
6) Make a collage from words or pictures you like from newspapers, magazines, etc. 
7) Try something lke invisible writing with lemon/lamp, tea staining, water marbling, etc. 
8) Write an unsent letter. 
9.) Imagine what life will be like in 10 years. In 50 years. 
10) Fill a page with draily life trinkets: candy wrappers, fruit stickers, coins, stamps from letters, notes, bottle caps. 


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