LIVE: If Roy Moore wins a U.S. Senate race in Alabama on Tuesday, Breitbart News chairman Stephen K. Bannon is going to take credit. This is an easy prediction because when Moore won the Republican primary runoff, in September, Breitbart declared in its news coverage that the “result proved the enduring power and reach of Breitbart News. . . . Bannon, and Breitbart, are no longer just the most hated names inside the Beltway. Now, they are also the most feared.”
How much influence over the outcome does Bannon actually have?
“I would say probably negligible,” said Fred Shepherd, who chairs the political science department at Samford University in Birmingham. “A lot of Moore's supporters are not from Steve Bannon's world. The rural vote — I bet a lot of those folks don't even know who he is.” 


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