🌞 Hey guys! 🌞
I hope you enjoyed this video and got some inspiration! And if your not all ready, subscribe!!!!! I'm so exited for summer and I have a lot of summer videos on the way!

🌞 *songs* 🌞
I do not own any of these songs, they belong to their rightful owners!!

🌞 small q&a 🌞
1. What camera do you use?
A: my iPhone 7
2. What is your favourite kind of ice cream?
A: mint chip or birthday cake
3. What is one thing you would love to do this summer?
A: go to a waterfall that you can swim at!!!

🌞 equipment 🌞
- iPhone 7 (camera)
- iMovie (editing)
- Random tripod
- Apple earbuds (voiceovers)

🌞 comment!! 🌞
If you see this, comment your favourite type of journal/notebook

🌞I love you all and will see you next time! 🌞 


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