In today's video we are going to talk about Destiny 2 Dedicated servers and if we are going to get them or not and what is this that bungie is talking about Destiny 2 having New Hybrid servers? Let's find out and let me know what you think about the video and about destiny 2 dedicated servers. Or are you okay about not having dedicated servers in destiny 2 and as you know in destiny had no dedicated servers for the pvp or trials of osiris made it very hard some time to play at match and will they implement pc anti cheat for the servers. So lets find out and watch the video if Destiny 2 dedicated servers would be a thing for pvp, crucible and trials of the nine. Thanks for Watching.

We've seen a lot of people asking about how the networking model works for Destiny 2. Many are concerned by our announcement last week that Destiny 2 doesn't have dedicated servers. While that’s useful shorthand, the full answer is more complex because Destiny has a unique networking model. Rest assured that we’re doing a lot of testing right now with players all around the world, and working hard to make sure that your experience is going to be smooth on launch day.

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