On June 3rd,2013 @ approx 11:30pm
This footage had been taken of the 'same type' of UFO witnessed

A slow-low bright white light.
As witnessed in Oshawa.near one hour earlier
This unknown anomaly also makes no sound and slightly zigs -zags in movement
Also slows down close to stop and fades out moving to a higher altitude.
Most appear to fly between 2000- 5000 ft above.
This now displays to indicate a unknown presence.
A presence that has been growing since September 2009.

This excellent footage has been observed and filmed by another resident in Durham.
Many thanks for sharing this released footage of this white UFO described and witnessed.
Please note that after some time after this three to four minute sighting. 
A fighter jet was also observed in the same area.

Added today and tonight and noticed a strong helicopter presence in Scarborough  and Oshawa 

This once again confirms a presence in the Durham Region 


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