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Every indication leads to one conclusion.  The stock market has been flat out manipulated; crashed and the scenario is part of the Coup D’Etat to take out President Trump.  After watching this video and doing your homework, you decide if the Elite are behind it, and if the Main Stream Media is their co-conspirator. 
Dow plunges 1,600 points at lows, marks worst intraday point drop in history, on computer-driven selling - MarketWatch http://ow.ly/9cTL30idZpQ
U.S. Stocks Sink Most Since 2011 as Rout Deepens: Markets Wrap - Bloomberg http://ow.ly/TuoU30idZqs
Capitulation' - Google Search http://ow.ly/gzah30idZqT
Top 10 Market Indicators of Economic Development - The Daily Reckoning http://ow.ly/99TU30idZrk
GDP by Country | Statistics from IMF, 1980-2022 - knoema.com http://ow.ly/iBY430idZrJ
Consumer Data | The Conference Board http://ow.ly/3h3i30idZs7
U.S. unemployment rate: December 2017, adjusted | Statistic http://ow.ly/uQqT30idZsS
Single-family housing starts, permits hit 10-year high http://ow.ly/5npo30idZuE
Retail Sales Report: Statistics and Trends http://ow.ly/StM930idZv0
MFG INVENTORY DATA http://ow.ly/hhcU30idZvj
Wall Street’s Rushing to Raise S&P 500 Forecasts for 2018 - Bloomberg http://ow.ly/ZaKi30idZvR
United States Producer Prices - Forecast http://ow.ly/eDv930idZwm
CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News Cut Away from Trump’s Economic Speech for Coverage of Dow Plunge | Mediaite http://ow.ly/2Xgh30idZwK
Olstein: We are not speculators, we are investors | Fox Business Video http://ow.ly/l1s830idZx2
Flashback: Alex Jones Predicted Stock Market Crash Blamed on Trump » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind! http://ow.ly/3u3h30idZxy


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